Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication

AUT's Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication focuses on research that contributes to a greater understanding of the social and cultural world, and the implications this has for the way we live. Situated in AUT University's School of Language and Culture, the Institute was home to the World Internet Project New Zealand (2007-2016) and the international Journal of Sociolinguistics.

The Matrix.

Communication using text, image or sound is an essential part of our daily lives whether this involves the acts of speaking, writing or using sign language, the production of newspapers or magazines, or the use of new media platforms such as emails, blogs or social media.

Investigating the multiple ways that information and knowledge can be constructed and disseminated leads to a greater understanding of people's behaviour, the structures and strategies that are used in interacting and communicating, and why.

The Institute has brought together local and international scholars across disciplines to work on major research projects such as:


These have been funded by Government departments and agencies, the Marsden Fund, and AUT itself.

ICDC fosters an active intellectual community through its research groups, its teaching and the supervision of Masters and PhD Candidates. The Institute often hosts visiting international academics and organises the two-yearly New Zealand Discourse Conference.

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Feb 12th, 2016

WIPNZ featured in Engaged Web report

The results of the 2011 World Internet Project NZ (WIPNZ) survey are referenced throughout the Intergen 'Engaged Web in New Zealand' report.



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