World Internet Project in New Zealand (WIPNZ) 2015 survey is underway

The World Internet Project in New Zealand survey for 2015 is underway. This survey, which has been conducted every two years since 2007, involves around 1200 participants from around New Zealand and is part of an international collaborative project undertaken in over 40 countries and regions. It examines the social, political and economic uses and impact of the internet and the changes and trends that occur over time. Partner countries conduct a survey every one or two years using a questionnaire with agreed common questions as well as local questions. WIPNZ is regarded as important research for the people of New Zealand. It provides information in areas which have relevance to government, institutions, businesses, community groups, non-governmental organisations, academics and individuals. These areas/issues include accessibility, digital divides, online behaviour, and the use of new media technologies in work, education and leisure activities. Funding for the 2015 survey is provided by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, InternetNZ and Buzz Channel Marketing.