Internet & Society

The Internet and Society Panel Project (ISPP) is a stand-alone project that complements the World Internet Project New Zealand (WIPNZ).

The findings from the WIPNZ have identified some ways in which society is changing in relation to the use of the Internet in New Zealand. The ISPP aims to focus on these issues.

The WIPNZ involves a large survey facilitated every two years, so in order to provide current topical data in a shorter timeframe, we developed the ISPP. This study will involve sequential surveys of topics in depth examining specific issues relating to the impact of the Internet on society. The first survey round focuses on social networking and its effects on individuals.

The first round of the Internet and Society Panel study is a joint venture between the Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication and Phoenix Research Ltd, who administered the data collection. Key topics examined will include:

  1. What are the factors shaping participation in social media?
  2. How much do people trust social media?
  3. What are the developing norms of social media usage?
  4. What is the relationship between social media and social competence?
  5. How is identity constructed through the use of social media?
  6. What effect(s) does social media have on quality of life?
  7. Why are some Internet users not using social media?

This first round of this study has been supported by funding from the Faculty of the Applied Humanities at AUT University.