Pasifika Languages of Manukau details

The Pasifika Languages of Manukau project findings were presented to the four Pasifika communities at meetings held in Manukau at the completion of the project.

Comprehensive project findings, questionnaires and project reports are included below.

Project findings


At the heart of the project is a major survey of language usage and attitudes using a questionnaire translated into the four Pasifika languages.

The questionnaire is 27 pages long, and covers demographic information, family history, language fluency, language use, language attitudes, and issues of language maintenance.

Four bilingual interviewers were trained, and 120 interviews recorded with Pasifika residents of Manukau in the language of their choice.


Annual reports on project progress and activity were made to the Marsden Fund for the three years of the project. The Final Report, at the end of 2002, summarizes the project's findings.


Allan Bell and Andy Gibson conducted a sociolinguistic analysis of some of the interviews from the Pasifika Languages of Manukau Project.

The article below reports on two features which are present in developing varieties of Pasifika English in New Zealand. The stopping of the interdental fricative /D/ as in the, those, and the stopping or fronting of /T/ as in think, both.

Donna Starks, Melenaite Taumoefolau, Allan Bell and Karen Davis


Allan Bell and Andy Gibson